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Protect your precious vehicle, we will install a front Dash Cam recorder or we can install a front and rear – cam recorder.


This will record your time date speed location when the car is running


When the car is locked and parked if it receives a fad meaning someone backed into you or is tampering with your car it will lock in a frame automatically 30 seconds prior


Which means it’s in sleep mode so it’s still recording but in lazy mode


But in case of a fat hit smash etc it will lock in 30 seconds prior to record who what when has touched your vehicle



A front and rear – cam is highly recommended as in case somebody cuts you off on the highway you can actually see from the rear camera but he was driving erratically so you can prove to insurance companies that he was in the wrong and you are in the right


Whenever you have a issue a incident with insurance the first thing they would ask you do you have evidence


Now this issue with the Dash Cam will be downloaded on your iPhone or downloaded on your computer


You can view your footage through a app on your phone in high resolution


Again with your time date speed and location


This is very important when dealing with insurance companies proving that you are in the right


Futura Car Audio only installs the highest quality heavy duty – cams fully hardwired with all the wires concealed


Sticking to brand names like BLACKVUE and THINKWARE for you and

IMG_2065 IMG_2066

Futura Car Audio always aim to provide you with quality Dashcam products that adhere to the highest possible safety and legal regulations without compromising operating and visual quality. As well as ease of use.

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