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 At Futura Car Audio, we offer various safe and legal talk and drive Bluetooth car kit options.

The following are some of the popular Bluetooth solutions currently on the market:

Parrot Bluetooth car kit includes:

  • an iPod adaptor
  • caller id screen with a synchronised phone book and
  • iPod/iPhone music skins.

The Parrot MKI9000, Parrot MKI91000, Parrot MKI9200 and the Bury CC9060music all allow you to make and receive calls and search and play your music through a control knob fitted to your steering wheel or dash which means you continue to drive safely and legally whilst controlling your devices.

The audio from phone calls as well as from your music device (e.g. iPod etc.) feed through your car’s factory-fitted speaker system ensuring premium quality phone and music sound

“Bury System 8” Bluetooth car kit is a great choice for people who work from their car and need a cradle to hold and charge their phone legally.

This kit includes:

  • radio mute (cuts off sound from the radio when a call is in progress),
  • a separate concealed speaker/ sound fed through car speakers, mic, antenna booster, and
  • charging cradle to suit any brand of phone.

Bury CC9045, Nokia CK-7W, Nokia CK-100, Nokia CK-300 Bluetooth hands-free car kits include:

  • phone mute (cuts off sound from the radio when a call is in progress),
  • concealed speaker/ sound fed through car speakers, mic, and
  • a control pad for answering, hanging up and in-call volume control.

Futura Car Audio always aim to provide you with quality Bluetooth products that adhere to the highest possible safety and legal regulations without compromising operating and audio quality. As well as ease of use.

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